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So you have a website...NOW WHAT?

Most low cost web design companies ask you: What colors do you want, how many pages, give us some text and in 7 days or less you have a pretty website THAT GENERATES ZERO DOLLARS! Im pretty sure those designers are eating the new amazing Popeyes Chicken sandwich with your money! (Sorry if you are team #ChikfilA)

My point is, a pretty website alone does not PRODUCE PROFIT! But strategy does. Here are a few tools that Giftshare Graphics implements with our designs.

Google Friendly SEO

If people only find your website when you give them your business card at networking event or post the link on social media. YOUR WEBSITE IS DEAD! While you are sleeping your website should be working for you to gain new clients anywhere in the world through Google.


  • We research the latest keywords to add into your site.
  • Installalation of Google Analytics
  • Monitor your Keyword rankings
  • And More

Responsive Website

You should know by now that every website is graded and ranked on specific qualities of the site. One of those qualities is Mobile Responsiveness. If your SEO is perfect but people can’t have to scroll from left to right, and turn the screens upside down just to see the content; your site will be downgraded. Did you know this also is a factor on the Facebook algorithm? YUP! If you post a website that is not mobile friendly, your post could become invisible to your friends! Facebook will ensure it does not show up on your friends newsfeeds

Heat Mapping

Do you get frustrated and ready to pull every strand of your grey hairs out when on a website and the button doesn’t work! Or you have no idea where to click! ARghhhhh

It’s important to know where your customers are getting stuck, what they are not interested in and what they LOVE! Heat mapping is tool to see “LIVE AND IN ACTION” what happens when any customer in the world gets on your site. 

The goal is to keep them on the site, keep them engaged, and ultimately make them a lead that will convert into a sale. 

Giftshare Graphics provides our customers a Heatmapping option so you are not in the dark about what changes need to be made on your site and service. 

Vic is amazing and so talented! She saw exactly what I was thinking. Vic was so kind, no matter how many time I changed my mind.
Jes Zelasko
Owner of Treasure Each Moment
Non profit of for parents of special needs



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