Do you have your own Self Publishing Company and looking to scale your business? We can help.

Finding the right team for a growing business can be tough when there are so many moving parts. 

In the self publishing industry you have to have editors, formators, photographers, printers, and of course designers. 

Giftshare Graphics  has worked with several self publishing companies across the country to help them focus on growth while we take care of their clients graphics behind the scenes. 

Services we offer self publishers

Book cover design for your clients

Web design for clients

Marketing and promotion Design for your authors books: 

  • Event Standing Banners
  • Author Business Cards
  • Author Bookmarks
  • Basic T-Shirt Design
  • Author Flyers
  • Author Social Media Kits

How does it work?

Getting design work has never been easier. We cut out your work needing to work directly with the client to discuss design jargon you may not be familiar with. 

We can create design request forms, design portals and even communicate via email with your customers for you to get the job done. 

Select your terms of service and we handle the rest. For more information or a quick quote click below. 

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