Executive Team

Owner | CEO | Designer

Victory Ford

Victory is an entrepreneur, graphic designer, and creative based in Charlotte, NC. She has been designing since 2007 and started the business in 2009. She is a self taught designer and has created marketing material for people for both businesses and celebrity events. Victory loves small start up businesses and helping them realize their dreams.

GSG Business Parnter | Start Up Business Consultant

Tamela Rowe, B.A. , MBA

Tamela is a strategic human resources leader with extensive experience directing human capital strategy for global corporations and boutique firms. She also is a business owner in her own right. She owns several businesses such as Taja Renee Collections and Rowe Talent. Rowe Talent, partnered with GSG in 2020 to assist small business owners with strategic planning and foundational structure set up consulting. GSG also partners with Rowe to assist with marketing material that they offer their clients in addition to business set up.

Meet The Team​

Tyrell Scott

Charlotte Partnered Photographer

Gloria McMahn

Admin/Design Assistant

Tamela Rowe

Start Up Business Consultant Partner

Our History

Helping Small Start Up businesses share their gifts with the WORLD!

Victory Ford, owner, began designing in 2007. Realizing she had a natural eye for design and color she decided to monetize her natural skill.

After her mother passed in 2010 she began to take the business and her craft seriously. The business went through many phases and names but nothing really stuck until 2017 when the business was rebranded and relaunched as Giftshare Graphics LLC.

Our Name

What does Giftshare Graphics mean?

Ford, being a very spiritual and intuitive individual knew there was a divine name for the business that she had been searching for. In 2017 after leaving her full time job the name came to her, but she would not understand the meaning of it until 2020 during the pandemic. 

“I had a dream that I was holding a dead baby that was not mines and didn’t know how to bring it back to life. After much prayer I understood that the baby was people’s dreams, callings and purposes in life. They depend on me to have the knowledge, skill, aptitude and spirit to bring it to life through my business. At that moment I realized how important Giftshare Graphics was to every business owner starting a business. Im literally responsible for God’s business!”

Giftshare Graphics is a missing piece to the puzzle in your business. A business without marketing is dead. God gave you a natural gift to write, or sing, or do makeup. That gift is the key to many doors in your life, but they can’t be opened if no one knows you exist. THAT’S WHERE GIFTSHARE GRAPHICS COMES IN!

Our gift is designing. We took our gift of design and made it into a solution for start up business owners. We provide effective marketing material for start up entrepreneurs and  solopreneurs to help you share your gifts with the world!  

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